Includes: CRST Examination Study Manual; Sample Questions; 1 Set of Practice Questions (250 Questions) and a Practice Exam (193 Questions).

The new CRST Examination Study Manual consists of over 500 pages of study material. The manual provides a comprehensive review of the 9 major elements in preparation for the CRST exam.

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CRST Examination Study Materials
I just logged on to BCRSP website and I have officially passed the CRST Exam. I can now add those extra letters to my name. Without your study guides and wisdom, I would not have been able to study efficiently and effectively and overcome this hurdle. I can’t thank you enough.

Mr. Jean-Marc Labonte BA, CRST

CRST Examination Study Materials
I passed my (CRST) exam thanks to your study material. It was very relevant to the exam and the sample questions in the back of the text book were very good. Your study material and course content really helped me make the next step in my health and safety career. I will definitely be looking for CRSP material from you when I am eligible to write.

Jaclyn Nay,CRST

CRST Examination Study Materials

I am happy to say I passed my CRST exam. Your study guide made all the difference…and I passed with many to spare. I will definitely be recommending this study guide to other prospective CRST’s, and when time comes for my CRSP I will be utilizing these services again!

Alyssa Janousek, RSE, CRST