CRST Virtual Training Program (Based on the NEW 2024 BCRSP Blueprint)

Description of Virtual Workshop – 4 Sessions of 4 Hours (each and limited to 4 Participants

This 16-hour course gives participants an in-depth overview of the BCRSP examination content. The course is updated annually to reflect the most recent changes in the examination process, and it assists participants in developing and creating effective study plans. This four-and-a-half-day course covers the five competency categories that have been reorganized into their respective subject areas.

Course Materials

The course includes a Premium Package of Training Materials that includes a CRST Examination Study Manual, Sample Questions, three sets of practice questions (over 750 questions), and a practice exam (195 Questions). Over 500 pages of study material are included in the new CRST Examination Study Manual. Participants will also be able to access the PowerPoints online. The manual, which is divided into nine modules, provides a comprehensive review of the five major elements identified by the BCRSP.

Cost $690 plus GST