CRSP Exam Preparation Workshops

BCRSP Exam Preparation Workshops and Study Materials

This comprehensive health and safety review course is intended to refresh the skills and knowledge of CRSP’s and to act as a review course for those preparing to write the CRSP examination. CRSP exam has a failure rate of 30 to 40%. The sheer volume of information that candidates must draw upon is overwhelming. This workshop covers the BCRSP competencies and will help you prepare your personal study plan.

2 Day Workshop Outline $699.00

Day 1 and day 2 involve a detailed review of all the 9 elements of knowledge covered by the exam. These include Applied Safety Fundamentals, Auditing, Ergonomics, Fire Prevention and Protection, Health and Wellness, Law and Ethics, Management Systems, Occupational Hygiene and Risk Management. Course activities included strategies for examination preparation and opportunities to testing of your current knowledge with sample questions.

Day 1: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Day 2: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

BCRSP Examination Preparation Workshops Location and Dates

City of Calgary, Alberta

January 19th and January 20th

City of Edmonton, Alberta

To Be Determined

Contact Information

Call Jim Moroney 587-573-4920 or Email: to request information on a special group rates or request specific training dates and locations. We will run a course in any location with a minimum of 2 participants.

Request Individual Coaching or Training

One on one coaching and training. Dates are flexible and can be chosen depending upon availability.

Old Price: $999.00

Price: $699.00

You save: $300.00


CRSP Examination Preparation Workshop Manual

NEW UPDATED 2019 CRSP Examination Study Manual $390 (30% Savings) Now $299

The newly updated 2019 CRSP Examination Study Manual consists of 599 pages of study material. This manual is intended to be used as an effective study guide in preparation for the BCRSP exam. The electronic version is available in colour.

Price: $299.00

CRSP Practice Examination Questions

Additional Practice Examination Questions and Answers $97.50 (30% Savings) Now $75.00 per Set

There are 3 sets of practice questions (each including approximately 250 questions). All questions are linked directly to the information contained in the Study Manual.  A free set of bonus questions is included with every order.

Questions and Answer Set 1 (approximately 250 questions) - included in participants manual but can be purchased separately

Questions and Answer Set 2 (approximately 250 questions)

Questions and Answer Set 3 (approximately 250 questions)

Bonus Questions and Answer (free) (approximately 90 questions)

Price: $75.00

We make every effort to provide you with updated training and learning materials. The BCRSP in not involved in the development, content or distribution of any courses or materials associated with preparing for the CRSPEX (other than specifically copyrighted materials). A special thank you to the BCRSP for granting permission to use the information in their Official Study in the development of the course. The BCRSP does not endorse any specific exam preparation course providers, nor does the BCRSP evaluate the providers or the providers’ material for consistency with the BCRSP’s Examination Blueprint.